Friday, November 2, 2007

Alternative Spring Break

It's a Friday night and everyone is going out. The girls are putting on sexy outfit while the boys are pregaming in the dorm rooms. I however, have to go to a lottery from 8PM-11PM, all the way across campus at Festival. On top of that I have to be up at 7 tommorow for habitat for humanity. So my plans for the night are the lottery, and then to bed early. So around 7:50pm I leave and head towards festival. I bring my iPod along and just stroll listening to music. It's cold out, and since festival is on top of a large hill, it's windy as well, so naturally I'm freezing. When I finally make it to festival I pull out the sheet to see where the lottery is taking place. You see the lottery is for spring break 2008. What is happening is my name has been entered into a lottery, and during the night names will be drawn for six international/long distance trips. These aren't just regular field trips, but volunteer trips to help those in need in other countries as well as our own. Anyways, so I pull out the red sheet to see which room the lottery is taking place. As I look over the sheet I think about how much I don't want to get picked to go to Oklahoma. I finally find what i'm looking for. It says, "Be there November 1st in festival ballroom A by 8:30pm." I realize instantly my mistake. The lottery happened yesterday. I would not be going anywhere but home for spring break. Now that I think about it, for the past few years I have been going away for spring break, so i guess this year really will be an Alternative Spring Break.

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