Tuesday, April 6, 2010

An Audience

I've learned lately that I have a growing audience, and I began to think about how this makes me feel. You might think that's the point of having a blog. Which is a good assumption, however I'm not so sure those were my intentions. I initially created this blog as a creative form of stress relief. I enjoy writing, and I often use it as a form of relaxation, thus this blog. When this was created I only had two followers and only my good friend Ember stuck around. However, within the past six months my page views has spiked by about 150. I've been trying to figure out why? The answer to that I still haven't figured out, but it has got me thinking about the way I use my blog. Should I continue with my current format of random thoughts and feelings? Or should I focus more on one thing? Creative work, television, movies, etc. But then I realized, if people didn't want to read what I was writing, they wouldn't continue to read my blog. That's when I realized what I was really worried about. I was worried that, instead of my normal non-judging friend audience, I now have readers who were judging what and the way I write. I want to impress people. I don't want them to read what I write and think it's stupid. Epiphany. My personality often gets in the way. I worry to much about what people think of me, and sometimes, I really shouldn't care. To make a throw back to my first post-this is me.