Thursday, November 15, 2007



I can't believe that it's here. I'm in college, I have graduated High School and i'm in college. I feel like my life is flying by, and at times i'm wishing it away. I think that we need to take in every moment of our lives, we need think about what is happening while it is happening, instead of once it has passed. Life is something we take for granted, and i'm glad that I have taken the time to look around me, to look at the people around me, and to look at what is happening. I know that when it comes time to look back I will appreciate my life so much more.


Embla said...

you'll appreciate life more because im there with you, right? haha! very sappy matthew, i kind of like it!

coley said...

I LOVE YOU MATTY! (And your drunk phone calls!)