Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Here it is, Halloween. The air is brisk, the night is cold, and all of the hookers and waldo's have come out to play. As i sit in my dorm room, once again not doing work that is keeping me in tonight, I think about my past halloweens. I have been barney, a cowboy, something else that i can't remember, and a vampire several years in a row. i remember how exciting it was to go out to peoples houses and collect candy, always hoping i would get my favorite. I think my parents also enjoyed halloween, because as a kid, and even now, i'm not a big candy person, and for the most part, my parents would et all of my candy. On halloween night I would go through my bag of candy, pick out the few select things that I wanted, and the rest would be torn apart by my candy-hungry parents that had eyed every piece thrown into my glow-in-the-dark candy bag. For the next month, my parents would constantly be asking me, "Matthew can eat this cowtail?" or "Matthew can i eat this candy corn?" I would say yes, and they would chow down. So now as I'm sitting here, remembering those days, i wonder if my parents miss those times when i was younger, and they were able to get free candy on Halloween.

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Embla said...

Barney is kick-ass but nothin beats a pink-power ranger, a bat, pumpkin, clown, barbie, sunflower, spiderella, angel and laverne! should send them some candy!