Monday, November 26, 2007


In sociology we had to read a chapter from our always interesting Cahill text. This chapter however was different, it actually interested me because, well, it was about television. However what it said did not make me happy, but instead made me think. It said that everynight we watch television and we see things that happen to people in their everyday lives: divorce, death, pregnancy, cheating, etc. It said that when we experience something that we have seen on tv over and over, its nothing new to us. Its something that has happened before, nothing to be alarmed over. For example, your wife tells you she is thinking about getting a divorce, we think oh, divorce, no biggie. This bothered me that someone would think that. Death bothers me, divorce bothers me, cheating bothers me, and so on. Whenever someone in my life has dies, it has up set me. It has changed me in some way each time it happened. When we watch tv, yes we begin to think of the characters as out friends and family, but they compare nothing to our actual, to our true friends and family. Sociologist, what do they know?


Embla said...

All I can see the way Fox and the Hound tears me up. Can you imagine what would happen if I lost you guys?

coley said...

AW! EMBER! You are so cute! Um, you are my fav, Matt. For reasons like this.