Friday, February 13, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Part 3

1. I hate it when people tell me I"m spoiled. I'm an only child DUH! And I could be a lot worse

2. I hate having nothing to do

3. I like having a job, it makes me feel accomplished

4. I always get really sick once a year

5. When I was little I use to have a secret hiding place

6. I also use to play tornado in my room...until I broke my piggy bank

7. Up until high school, I was excruciatingly shy

8. I helped my mom become more open to speaking her mind, and not letting people walk all over her

9. I really miss my grandmother who died when I was in the 3rd grade

10. I don't believe in regrets, you can't change the past, just learn from it

11. I think it's funny when people confuse a response to someone being defensive

12. I use to want to be a teacher

13. People puking...well, make me puke

14. I like Vampire Weekend b/c they have such a unique sound and there songs are so catchy

15. I can't stand reality shows

16. Conan O'Brien is the man

17. I'm not a secretive person, everything I've ever done, has been told to someone

18. I hate wearing socks

19. I can't stand Nicolas Cage

20. I really want to spend a year traveling, I just need to find someone to do it with

21. I worry all of my friends will one day forget about me

22. I don't want to end up alone

23. My body is made up of 72% sweet tea

24. I figure, if for some unknown reason become famous, my stage name would be Matthew Scott

25. I once seriously considered suicide, but I'm in a much better place now, A MUCH BETTER PLACE

26. I can't stay mad at people for long

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Part 2

1. There are things about me I wish I were able to change but can not

2. The first time I drank was actually in 9th grade

3. I once vandalized a construction site not one of my proudest moments

4. I am a first generational college student

5. My great aunt, who has dementia always thinks I am my grandfather

6. JMU wasn't my first choice, it was my only choice, but I like it a lot

7. I'm a Cowboys fan. Everyone in my family is one, except my Dad

8. Raspberry Sorbet completes me

9. Death scares me a little

10. So does getting old

11. I like to think i'm organized, but i'm not

12. For the past five years, maybe more, someone I was close to at some point, died

13. I never new my grandfathers

14. I've always wanted a sibling

15. I'm eclectic when it comes to music

16. LOST is seriously the best show on television

17. I can be easily peer pressured

18. I spill things a lot, but never while waiting tables (knock on wood)

19. I've always wanted to live on a farm

20. I never really got to know my dad until these past few years, because he was never around

21. I really like naps

22. I have a slight germ phobia, I have to use the same shower and bathroom stall every time. If someone is in it, I wait

23. Swimming is one of my favorite summer activities

24. I often talk to myself

25. In first grade I got in a lot of trouble after I stabbed a girl in the butt with a really sharp pencil

Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 Random Things

So this list is 25 random things that I think most people don't know about me.

1. I really like to take showers and I hate having to turn the water off

2. I really like to help people, and I'm constantly looking for new ways to do that

3. I hate it when people say things without merit. If you don't know what you're talking about then shut up

4. Chicken noodle soup is my favorite food

5. I day dream all the time

6. I often imagine my life as if it were a movie or a tv show

7. Sometimes I can't tell when my friends or joking with me

8. Other than that, I'm really good at reading people, no matter what you say, I can tell what kind of a person you are

9. I easily forgive forget

10. I'm frugal, or as my Dad says a "tight wad"

11. I secretly really liked Mr. and Mrs. Smith even though a lot of people didn't

12. I have to change my deodorants up because they never work for long

13. Even though I'm a journalism major, I doubt I'll ever be a journalist

14. I can make myself cry on cue

15. I'm a really good liar, and if you can tell i'm lying its because I want you to know that i'm lying

16. I'm constantly thinking of various tv shows I could create

17. I'm a wiki addict

18. I'm very optimistic, and often look for the best in all things

19. I'm at a cross-road when it comes to religion for various reasons

20. I have a fear of failing, and never making it out of the state of Virginia. There's nothing wrong if you want to stay in Virginia, it's a great place, I just want to be somewhere different

21. I'm very sarcastic

22. I'm not easily offended, but I feel that whenever I make a joke about someone they get upset. If you can't take it don't dish it

23. I hate double standards. Period

24. My feet and hands get cold easily

25. I hate it when people waste money, especially when they are already in debt

26. (I know one extra) I love the outdoors. I love to camp and do adventure type things. It's just so much more fun than sitting on the couch or reading about it. I like to make my own adventures.