Monday, October 22, 2007

A Show People Aren't Watching

It is Monday night at 8, homework, is either complete or pushed to the side, and the TV is turned on. So what do you watch? There is Prison Break, which should have neded afte its first season. CBS and CW comedies, which are some what enjoyable. Dancing With the Stars on ABC, which if you have seen one season you have seen them all. Or Chuck on NBC. Chuck is what some would call a dramedy, which is a mix of drama and comedy. It has action, suspense, humor, and good fun all around. Chuck is about a guy named, well, Chuck. He is a computer geek working for the nerd herd, when one night his ex-college roomate sends him an e-mail. When Chuck opens this e-mail he instantly learns all of the govenrments secrets which are encoded within millions of images. Now at any moment, the smallest thing can set Chuck's brain into full throttle. Chuck doens't understand what has happened to him, but when he meets up with undercover spies from the CIA, he quickly learns just how valuable he is. Each episode shows Chuck working with the undercover spies helping to bring down terrorist groups and other sneaky bad guys. Chuck is definently one of the better shows out there this fall season. SO WATCH IT, while its still around.

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