Monday, January 7, 2008


Last night I did something pretty stupid. I was a little tipsy and I was told that it wasn't harmful, that it was similar to something else. So I did it without thinking twice. And like I always do i texted those that mean the most to me to tell them about this new experiment. This is what I realized friends are for. They collectively made me realize how stupid I had been to do what i did. One even said that our friendship would end if i ever did it again, although they have yet to talk to me. THis also made me realize something about myself. Am I that much of a pushover, or did I make a decision on my own? All in all I know that i did one thing-I made a mistake, a big one. For something that was free, it cost so much.


Embla said...

You make me cry a little. And you must understand that we were highly pissed at you because we care that much about you. She'll come around Matthew, it wasnt a good night for her...we're just scared for you--new things are going to be introduced to you, it's up to you whether you let them overtake you. <3

no_promises said...

we all make mistakes matthew. most at the time dont realize how catastrophic they really are. it takes a strong and courageous person to admit that it was in fact a mistake. and then resolve not to do it again. or depending on what it is, in that situation or under the same circumstances. you have proven strong and courageous. now just make the resolve. i love ya.