Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A proper fuck

So over break I found out that I was getting a new roommate and I started freaking out. I just knew that I was going to get, and Violet's mom couldn't have put it any better, a homeschooler from Nelson county. However, my new roommate is not from nelson county, in fact he is form no where close. He is an international student all the way from London and he's pretty cool guy. So far i have learned that "The pound is higher than the dolla Holla," british people aren't meant to say, "Does he want to tap dat ass," and that in London they call poeple "proper fucks." Also, when it comes to soccer, or futbol, my favorite team is West Ham and all the other England teams suck, or I guess I could say are a bunch of proper fucks. I have also came to the conclusion that breakfeast is a big deal because my roomate eats it every morning. I asked him how many people were in the dining hall when he ate breakfeast and he said about nine. I bet their all british, or just weird Americans. Something else I'm just learning is that my new roommate also talks in his sleep, which is doing right now. Overall I'm all ready liking this semester more than last, and I think it has something to do with the new kid.

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Embla said...

you're gonna like this semster a lot better than last because you're one step closer to summer with me!

and im so excited your roomate is respectful! ...and slightly hilarious.