Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Yes We Can"

Goose bumps. A tingling. The feeling of something great happening. The feeling of experiencing something great happening. These were the feelings I felt as Obama gave his victory speech. He truly is an amazing man. I know many people have different opinions of our next president, but as he said he is your president, and he wants to help everyone. Not only is this moment great, because I truly believe that America has made the right choice, but because it shows how far our nation has come. Even though we still have a ways to go, this shows the world that we can look past race, and see someone for how great they really are. I'm not saying that if you voted for McCain and you're white you're racist. Thats incredibly stupid to say. McCain is a great man, i can admit that and I know he has served our country in so many ways. This moment that I'm in, I will remember it forever. This moment in our nation, is a great moment and it should mean something to everyone. We live in a great nation, that only continues to get better. I know that with Obama as President we can do anything, "Yes We Can." President Obama "Yes We Can."

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