Monday, April 14, 2008

An Innocent Nature

When you're young, you're told to stay away from the woods, to stay away from nature. Dangers await in the woods-snakes, spiders, bears. So as a child the woods are a mystical place and your mind fills the woods with magic. When you start to get older the woods become more accessible. You enter and realize that all the beauty in the world can be found in nature; that all the innocence in the world can be found in nature. Nature may grow old, but it never grows up, and as you grow up you realize this. You realize that all those years you were told to fear nature, nature was fearing you. Scared that one day you would join in with the crowd that destroys nature, that bad group of kids that live on every corner of the Earth. When you're young, you need to be taught to explore nature, to experience nature, and above all respect nature. It has given so much to us, we must give something back.


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Ember said...

getting a little naturistic arent we? hehe. coley would be proud