Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The First Year

So this is it. My Freshmen year is basically over, and I can't believe it. What a crazy year it has been. In less than 72 hours I'm going to be home again. No more late night netflix movies. No more Chick Fil' A. No more of my extremely comfortable JMU bed, in front of my cable tv, with a high speed internet connection. No More trying to avoid the two most annoying people in our dorm every moment of every day. No more Wii Bowling. No more Halo, even though I suck at it. No more thursday night shit shows. No more flying high on a tuesday night. No more Chanellos cheesy bread. No more awkwardness between me and my past roommates. No more drunk Taco Bell. No more living with all of the same people I have been living with for the past 2/3 of a year. I know that I'll be back next year, and I know I will hang out with the friends I have made at their new apartments, but it will still be different. I'll be an RA, and I'll have to be on my best behavior...most of the time, but definitely not all. I have to say this past year, even with its ups and downs, has been a pretty awesome year in my life. I have tried, experienced, experimented, and learned so many different things. I may not have made some good choices, but it still added to the experience, and it made college what it was. I've met a great bunch of people, and I couldn't imagine of having lived in another dorm, or in poplar hall with totally different people. We are definitely an interesting community, and I wouldn't want it any other way. I am excited that summer is here, and I will have more time with my Best Friends, but I will still miss this first year.

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Ember said...

you get to see me. now that already makes your whole world a little better this summer lol