Wednesday, February 6, 2008

On the Set

This may sound weird, but I often feel like my life is movie. There are some sweet moments in my life that are just picture perfect, then there is drama that take me on so many twist and turns I'm left trying to figure out how to get back to normal, and then there are times when things make for an awkward, but funny situation. For example, when we went on our trip to the James River. We were having a great time. It was a nice day, we were jumping rocks, and exploring old buildings. Of course behind the fun of that day, there was me awkwardly, but nicely trying to get away from one particular person who cold not keep there hands off of me.

Another scene in my life that I will never forget, is the last day Jordan, Nichole, and I spent together before we all left for college. It was a tuesday, and after spending the day together, I had to leave to go have my "last" meal with the family (HOME-MADE Chicken Noodle Soup). As i was leaving we all hugged, and then, I would try and go, but we would just end up hugging. Finally i made it down the stairs, and I stopped, and looked back up to a crying Nichole and Jordan. I didn't want to leave, I felt like I was leaving them forever, i guess because thats how dramatic that moment was, but i couldn't move. I just stood there and all three of us stared at each other, and finally I said, "see you later," and left. It was a bitter sweet moment because I new I wasn't leaving them forever, but for once in the past three years for Nichole, and the past six yeas for Jordan we were gonna be apart. I think about that moment often.

Another scene in my life that was just picture perfect was when Ember, Josh, and I went to see Rendition. It wasn't the movie that made the night good, it was the company. The three of us were sitting at Chipolte's outside in great weather, just laughing and talking, and for a moment I forgot that i had ever left for college. I felt like it was summer again, and we were just having a typical weekend. It was perfect.

And then there is the drama that seems to constantly force its way in. There is Octoberfest ( no need to go into detail), random misunderstandings between friends, founding out who people really are, me snorting a perkeset (however you spell it), and the other things I try not to think about.

In the end I guess that's life. My life isn't like a movie, but Movie's are like my life.

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Embla said...

everytime im with you guys i think we're back to summer. but then those moments end and we go back to be separated again. i love how we can seriously spend months apart and as soon as we see each other, its like we havent gone anywhere...god knows we still fight like cats and dogs.

...our little trip to cnu should be interesting! no more taco bell for joshy though lol

ooh yeah and as for drama. life has been really amazing without it. but right when you take that sigh of relief, another pile of shit is thrown at you. and you know what, IT STINKS!