Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The City-Boy from the Country

I grew up in Louisa County Virginia. Where you ask, well it's in between Richmond and C-ville, and it is slowly growing-which I like. I like that more businesses are coming to our small town and the population is growing. I like to meet new and interesting people and the more people to meet the better. I also like the people in Louisa, maybe not all of them, but most. Small towns tend to have quirky people, and I like quirky. Besides a few other things I enjoy about living in the country, the things I don't like outweigh the things I like. I hate how i have to drive at least 30 mins to go see a movie or for any other kind of activity. Yes, I do like just having a few friends over and watching a rented movie, but there is just something special about actually going to the theater. I don't like guns, and everyone in the country seems to have a gun. I don't mind hunters, but maybe there good be like a check out system or something during hunting season, guns are just bad. I hate curvy roads, I guess because I'm not that great of a driver. I hate how some people in rural areas are still prejudice. My uncle constantly says the N word, and my Nanny still says colored. I can't stand it. I just learned today that Southern Baptist Churches aren't just baptist because they believed God wanted White men to own slaves. I respect people's beliefs, but I hate it when they put their personal beliefs in everything that they do i.e. Mr. Wills. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I was able to experience the country. I like being outside on nice days, swimming at lake Ana, reading in the hammock, seeing fire works in someone's back yard, but the living the country life as a whole just isn't for me. I know when i go to the city many people think i will, but i will never forget where i came from and the people that were there with me. I'm a city boy at heart with very strong country roots.


Embla said...

i think that if someone breaks in my house i have the right to own a gun and shoot his ass. guns dont kill people, people kill people and if you take it away from someone, they'll do everything in their power to still take hold of it..kind of like weed, right?

i also think taht if everyone was raised around guns--and taught to use them only for hunting or protection, then it would be a lot better...those that are sheltared or taught to do horrible things and kill for no reason--those are the ones that cause trouble.

as for louisa, i totally disagree...i want to still have woods in my backyard and be able to run around and party naked if i wanted to--without drawing the attention of the po-po ho! ...you keep building up louisa, adding more businesses and it will be just like another city where you cant do a damn thing without some stupid neighbor complaining.

....im not being mean matthew, so dont cry :)

Matt Johnson said...

I don't know the tears are starting to roll