Sunday, February 8, 2009

Part 2

1. There are things about me I wish I were able to change but can not

2. The first time I drank was actually in 9th grade

3. I once vandalized a construction site not one of my proudest moments

4. I am a first generational college student

5. My great aunt, who has dementia always thinks I am my grandfather

6. JMU wasn't my first choice, it was my only choice, but I like it a lot

7. I'm a Cowboys fan. Everyone in my family is one, except my Dad

8. Raspberry Sorbet completes me

9. Death scares me a little

10. So does getting old

11. I like to think i'm organized, but i'm not

12. For the past five years, maybe more, someone I was close to at some point, died

13. I never new my grandfathers

14. I've always wanted a sibling

15. I'm eclectic when it comes to music

16. LOST is seriously the best show on television

17. I can be easily peer pressured

18. I spill things a lot, but never while waiting tables (knock on wood)

19. I've always wanted to live on a farm

20. I never really got to know my dad until these past few years, because he was never around

21. I really like naps

22. I have a slight germ phobia, I have to use the same shower and bathroom stall every time. If someone is in it, I wait

23. Swimming is one of my favorite summer activities

24. I often talk to myself

25. In first grade I got in a lot of trouble after I stabbed a girl in the butt with a really sharp pencil

1 comment:

Ember said...

Kinda figured out you talk to yourself when you had a whole conversation--alone in the back seat of Gail's car.

How does showering in the same shower have anything to do with explaining a germ phobia? Esp. if you have to wait if it's occupied, wouldn't that mean that there's fresh germs?

Get mad if you want, but you aren't eclectic in your music. Maybe more so than some people but...ooh I'll stop cause you're probably crying right now. But isn't Eclectic enjoying and listening to (all the time) several genres? Pop, rock, alternative, metal, country, bluegrass, outlaw, southern rock, 80s, classic rock, classical, hiphop, underground, r&b, blues, rap, etc...

There is nothing wrong with getting old.