Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm just a little...

Nostalgia. It can happen at the rarest moments. Just the other day I was in target and I saw these kids, who were obviously high school students, and it took me back two years to my senior year. I remembered all of the trips to target and all the movies we saw, good and bad, and It reminded me how much I miss hanging out with my best friends every friday night.

The other day I was walking to class and the smell of hot pavement hit me. I instantly remembered all of the trips my family use to take to Kings Dominion. We would always pack a picnic and eat lunch out in the parking lot. And every time we went I would try to convince my parents to ride a roller coaster with me, but always failed.

Last Thursday I was at the gym, and the chlorine from the pool reached out and grabbed my mind. I was at Jordans last summer. We were all swimming in their pool. Playing kings, drinking bud light, sharing secrets and laughing. I realized that we have very few of those nights left, if any. I'm really going to miss them.

I now that as we get older, and our lives begin to move in different directions, some people begin to move apart. I don't think that we're like that. I think that the longer we are away from each other the more we appreciate our friendship. I've found some great friends here at school, but they are nothing compared to the friends I had before I graced this school. I know that we will have the rest of our lives together, but I'm still going to miss the past. Miss seeing everyone every day. Those late nights on the porch. Those weekly trips to regal cinemas. Those bagel bite/mozzarella stick lunches at my house. They will be missed. I know that we will create new traditions. I guess I'm just feeling a little nostalgic.

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Ember said...

I miss scattagories and bonfires at Kristin's. Bargain shopping with Gail. Lazor tag. Unbelievable nights in Short Pump. Drinking excessively and being unbelieveably silly. Fighting with Austin Cole bc everyone else was always scared to let him have it. Josh and Violet actually getting along. Having Blonde Moments with Val. Calling Lacey fifty different names--to her face, not all of them were bad! My nursing buddies. Things being simple. Ordering fast food out my back window. Football games in the Jungle, with my family, their funny spirit chants and my cowbell. Laughing at Mr. Harris. Cheering up Ms Anderson, and laughing at her too. And the list goes on.