Friday, March 6, 2009

Just Listen

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning I wake up, open my window and just lie there. I like to listen to the cars driving down port. The speed demons on 81. People as they walk back from a night of mayhem. I can hear horns blowing, sorority girls chattering, and every now and then some sirens blaring. The Breeze from the window dances across my face and I just close my eyes. I forget about all of my problems: homework, residents, people. I just lie there and I get transported to another place. I feel like I'm floating in a world of sound. Birds are chirping as my HiFi is producing a soft sound of my current mix of music. It's so relaxing. It reminds me of the summer when I would lay out on the hammock and read. Of course, like all good things, it come to an end. I receive a text. Someone knocks on my door needing to get into storage. Or I just come out of coma and remember my daily tasks that must get fulfilled. But those moments, none of it matters. Nothing matters. I just listen

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